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A Success Story: CKR Highlights a Houston Community's Financial Transformation

Updated: May 10, 2018

Visit CKR Property Management's Successes page to see firsthand the power of professional, expert-driven property management for multi-family assets. The featured property is based in Houston, Texas.

Purchased as a distressed asset with more than 50 percent of down units, the 56-year old community also suffered from ongoing criminal activity.

Additionally, due to the previous tenant profile, many of the nearby businesses and area population frowned upon the community. The bottom line: the property was costing its investors every month simply to keep it afloat.

The owners, like countless other investors have previously done, turned to CKR Property Management’s team of multi-family asset experts -- and never looked back. Today, the property is now 100% occupied with qualified residents, a waiting list, and a great community atmosphere.

Now a desirable location to live, the property currently cash flows easily, recently refinanced and resulted in a landfall profit for the investors – not to mention providing their residents with a clean, safe and transformed place to call home.

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